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Unshaven Hair Transplantation

Our advice for our patients who do not want to devoid of social life or who want the comfortable healing process is Unshaved Hair Transplantation.

Is Unshaved Hair Transplantation Process long?
Our patients reach new hairs without becoming distanced from social life and the healing process is short.

Who can apply Unshaved Hair Transplantation?
Unshaved Hair Transplantation can be applied to anyone over the age of 18, even male or female. It is important for the treatment that specialist and patient decide the count of planting hair to be sown. Hair transplantation can be applied to the hair which is genetically or afterward disorders caused by hair shedding.

What are the advantages of Unshaved Hair Transplantation?
Most people discountenance scar which occurs after transplantation because of beware. So they are postponing their dreams or following alternative ways. Unshaven hair transplantation is developed for these reasons. People have to wait through the hair growth after cutting because of normal hair transplantation, so they separate from social and working life. Both you will make hair transplantation for no hairy part or rare part on your head and it will not be necessary to cut your hair with the help of Unshaved Hair Transplantation.




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