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Tummy Tuck (Abdomen Lifting)

Abdomen lifting operation is applied to the abdominal area where sagging and cracks occur in time. Crack and sagging problems may occur due to fast weight changes and pregnancy.
The skin will be stretched in rapid weight gain and thinning will occur in tissues under the skin. This will lead to cracks in the skin and the tissue will lose its aesthetic because it is damaged. Thus, sagging occurs in time.

The troubled area under the skin will be removed and a flat abdomen is ensured by bringing the muscles together in abdomen lifting operations. The operation will be completed by creating a new belly button in the abdominal area. In case the complaint is the bottom of the belly, the problem can be treated with a minor operation which is called mini abdominoplasty.

In this operation, there will be a scar left in the bikini area like in the same cesarean operations. You can get up and walk after 24 hours of the operation. However, you may have to stay in the hospital for few days. In order to prevent the loose of the tightness, you have to wear a corset for three weeks. You can return to your daily life after 2 weeks. You can also perform heavy movements after six weeks.

In sudden weight gain or loss or sometimes due to the genetics sagging and cracks can occur in arm and leg areas. In order to get rid of these deformations, you can have aesthetic operations such as arm-thigh reduction, fat injection, calf prostheses and liposuction.

In order to provide a better shape to the body and have more feminine lines, you can also have liposuction, breast operations, and other aesthetic operations together with the abdomen lifting operation. The benefit of having all operations at a time is you will be subjected to anesthesia for once and the recovery period will be same for all.

You should wait for at least 6 months after the birth in order to have abdomen lifting operation. You can have this operation at the end of six months in case your doctor will approve it. This operation does not affect your future pregnancies and it will be better for you to have this operation in a period which you will not get pregnant in order to get better results.




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