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PRP Method

PRP Technique is the short version of ‘’Platelet Rich Plasma’’ and it is a very common method in recent years.

Vitality and health will be provided to hair by using the own blood of the patient in PRP technique. 10 cc blood will be taken from the patient in this technique and it is subjected to a process.

This process separates the clotting, growth cells and thrombocytes which are required to nourish and strengthen the hair by filtering the blood in the laboratory. These substances which help to revitalize the hair and grow the hair will be directly injected into the scalp and hair follicles to achieve the maximum benefit.

While the application of PRP technique lasts about an hour, the patient will not feel any pain during and after the application. Also since it is carried out by using the own blood of the patient, you do not experience any adverse situations such as allergies, infectious diseases and damage to tissues.

The results of the PRP technique is achieved between a month to three months and this time will vary depending on the size and type of the area. The application should be carried out with 4-6 sessions and it should be repeated once in a year to have a long-lasting solution.




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