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Postnatal Aesthetic (After Birth Aesthetic)

The deformities which can occur in women after birth are all women’s fearsome dream. Diet and exercise are not enough to lose weight which is taken during pregnancy and cannot be given immediately afterward. Cracks and sagging after the result of the loss of elasticity of the skin can be found a solution with esthetic surgery.

The breast, which deforms during the breastfeeding process, can be restored to its original appearance by lifting surgery after the breastfeeding period is over. During the operation, the breast may be slightly shrunk or enlarged with the help of silicone prostheses.
It can take up to 2 months for the breast to recover their natural appearance and completely heal. You may need to use special sheltered bras in this process or use a chest area corset according to your doctor’s recommendation.

In the abdominal part, abdominal stretching is performed within the sags and cracks that occur after the birth. After abdominal loosening in the operation and removal of the fatty belly part, excess and loose skin is cut. Then excess fat tissue is cut off. Once the surplus is removed, the abdominal muscles are brought close together with the stitches and a new navel is made in the belly part. It is necessary to wait at least 1 year before performing the belly stretching operation in women who have given birth. Because after one year of postnatal, the body will recover a little bit. Together with the abdominal stretching operation, fat removal with liposuction can also be performed from areas with excess fat. Thus, more proportionate results are obtained.




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