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Reasons such as pregnancy, childbirth, frequent weight gain/loss, aging and genetics cause breast sagging in women. Mostly, the breast tissue shrink after the breastfeeding and nipples sag.

This poor image will lead problems such as self-confidence and not be able to satisfy with the things they wear.

Your doctor will examine the quality of your skin, nipple level and amount of the breast tissue before the operation and determine the most suitable operation in line with the demands of the patients.

The main goal in mastopexy is to achieve the roundness and fullness with the least scars.

If the breast tissue is not enough for the mastopexy then breast tissue will be increased by using silicone prosthesis together with the mastopexy. Thus, you will have fuller and more upright breasts with the least scars.

There will be no loss of sensation in the breast at the end of this intervention which is carried out under general anesthesia. The operation lasts about 2 hours.

However, it may last 2,5 hours in case of special cases. Your doctor will advise you to walk within 24 hours and this recommendation should be implemented.

Also, you will need to use a special underwear to protect the breast for 2 weeks. This special underwear supports the operation. The patient can return to her daily life after one week from the operation.




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