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Hip-Butt Aesthetic

Butt is one of the important areas for the female body lines together with the breasts. Massless and sagging butts will lead the leg length of people to look shorter. Full, upright and round butts will both make your leg length look longer and offer a pleasant look in case it will be compatible with your legs and waist.

Methods that can be applied to the butt are butt prosthesis and fat injection. It will provide better look when it is combined with liposuction application that can be applied to waist and leg areas.

Butt Prosthesis
As hand, foot, armpit and groin area. Since excessive sweating can adversely affect the person’s social life, business life, mental health and look, it may lead to uneasiness. In addition to this, it also triggers the irritation of the skin.

Can Excessive Sweating Be Treated with Cosmetic Products?

Stick deodorants, creams with a mixture of aluminum chloride and ethyl alcohol can be used for excessive sweating in armpits. Creams containing glutaraldehyde can be used for sweating in the foot. However, these products contain chemicals and they can lead to irritation. Also, they have limited effect rather than 100% solution.

Botox Injection in Sweating Treatment

Botox used in hyperhidrosis treatment can stop excessive sweating thanks to the temporary blockage created by sweat gland nerves. Today, this method, which is often preferred by patients that do not want any surgical intervention, is usually used for armpit sweating. Apart from this, it can be used for hand and foot area in case of extreme situations. The patient can find a solution to his or her sweating problem for 9 months thanks to this botoxapplication which is applied during the beginning of spring.

What Is Iontophoresis?

This method is a temporary method like botox treatment and it is required to be repeated regularly. Sweat glands are blocked with the low amount of electricity given to the hands and feet. However, this method cannot be applied to armpits. This method, which can be only applied on hands and feet, is advised to patients who experience hand and foot sweating due to the stress.

Are There Any Surgical Options for Sweating Treatment?

Armpit sweating can be prevented by destroying or removing sweat glands with surgical liposuction, retrodermal curettage, laser treatment methods. These methods are permanent methods and they have high success rates with no need for a repeat.

Methods such as lumbar sympathectomy, percutaneous sympathectomy, and endoscopic thoracalsympathectomy (ETS) are solutions for sweating, they destroy the nervous system cells and stop the function of the sweat glands. However, this treatment is temporary and it required to be repeated.




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