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Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a procedure that is applied to people who lost their hair or keep losing their hair due to genetics, aging or disease causes. It is carried out by using the hair on the nape which has strong hair follicles. It is a procedure where the hair on the nape is collected with a special technique and transplanted on the hair-free areas or areas with thin hair. The hair on the nape is bushy. They are more durable against hair loss and other external factors when compared to the hair on the other areas. These hair are collected without disturbing the look and aesthetics. Then the collected hair is transplanted with a specific technique and system under the control of the doctors in order to hair the bold areas or make the thin areas bushy.

FUE method which is the short version of “Follicular Unit Extraction” is the method of collecting hair with a certain precision from the patient by using special-end micro-motors which are called as punch and transplantation of hair bu considering the growth direction. The hair follicle amount to be transplanted in FUE method may very 3000 to 5000 hair follicles. The application period may take 6 to 9 hours depending on the amount of the hair follicles to be planted. Also, this application can be carried out in more than one session depending on the hair structure and demand of the patients.

Hair transplantation techniques are being used in all around the world for many years and FUE technique is the most recent technology in hair transplantation.
FUE Technique Application

Shaving and Anesthesia
The area will be shaved before the operation. Then local anesthesia will be applied to the donor area which is at your nape between your ears.

Collection of Grafts
After the anesthesia, hair follicles will be collected by using suitable ends for your hair structure. Attention will be paid to not leave a scar on the donor area during the collection process. The collected hair follicles will be put into a special liquid in order to keep them alive.

Opening Ducts
After the hair follicle collection process, ducts will be opened to areas where the follicles will be planted. Natural hairline and distribution of follicles in an equal manner will be determined during this process.

Transplantation of Grafts
The next stage is the plantation of the hair follicles which are waiting in a special liquid. It is important to open ducts with the same amount of the collected hair follicles. It is also important to know how many follicles will be planted to the points during the transplantation. Multiple hair follicles should be planted in the rear areas and single hair follicles should be planted on the front areas for a natural look.

Percutan Method
The other name of this method is needle method and there is a limited amount of clinics and doctors that apply this method in the world. The ducts open on the scalp in Percutan method will be three dimensional and the angles of these should be set correctly. The main reasons why it is preferred is the points on the hair follicles are in their natural sizes since thin needles are used and the hair will look more natural.

Prp Technique
PRP Technique is the short version of ‘’Platelet Rich Plasma’’ and it is a very common method in recent years.
Vitality and health will be provided to hair by using the own blood of the patient in PRP technique. 10 cc blood will be taken from the patient in this technique and it is subjected to a process. This process separates the clotting, growth cells and thrombocytes which are required to nourish and strengthen the hair by filtering the blood in the laboratory. These substances which help to revitalize the hair and grow the hair will be directly injected into the scalp and hair follicles to achieve the maximum benefit.

While the application of PRP technique lasts about an hour, the patient will not feel any pain during and after the application. Also since it is carried out by using the own blood of the patient, you do not experience any adverse situations such as allergies, infectious diseases and damage to tissues. The results of the PRP technique is achieved between a month to three months and this time will vary depending on the size and type of the area. The application should be carried out with 4-6 sessions and it should be repeated once in a year to have a long-lasting solution.

Hair Mesotherapy
Hair wear in time due to many reasons such as the dye, chemicals like shampoos, hair drier, genetics, stress and unhealthy diet. All of these reasons will lead the hair to not get enough nutrients and thus thinning of hair in time and eventually hair loss.

Hair mesotherapy is a method which is applied to the middle layer of the skin where the hair follicles are directly fed. The minerals, nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins that hair requires to have a healthy look will be injected into the hair follicles directly with special needles. In this way, nutrients which cannot reach to hair follicles with natural ways are directly injected into the hair follicles and hair cells thanks to the mesotherapy. Hair follicles and metabolism revitalize in areas where mesotherapy is applied and thus a healthy environment will be prepared for the renewing of the tissues. Hair follicles will be healthier, shinier and more voluminous by receiving the nutrients they need.

Mesotherapy application will lead the hair follicles to grow by renewing them and thus you can have a bushy look. Mesotherapy treatment will provide fast and effective results in a short time. It is a method which is considered to be superior when compared to other hair treatment methods. Because there is a direct intervention to the hair follicles in mesotherapy treatment. As mesotherapy treatment can be applied to people who have gray hair, it is a method which can be easily applied to those who are not suitable for hair transplantation.




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