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Gynecomasty Surgery

Gynecomasty is the problem of breast growth in men. This problem which leads the person to feel bad both physically and psychologically is often due to genetics and it may show up without any reason. The doctor will investigate the causative factors before the treatment and then prefer a treatment accordingly in this disease which can be experienced due to various hormonal disorders.

If this disease is experienced during puberty then there is no need to worry and begin the treatment. Because it is due to hormonal reasons and symptoms will disappear at the end of the puberty. This means that you do not have to treat this problem before 18 years old. However, if gynecomasty is experienced with obesity during the puberty, fat removal can be carried out with liposuction in order to prevent the person from being affected psychologically.

There are many methods to be used in gynecomasty treatment. The method will be determined according to the skin type, size, and content of the breast tissue.

• If there is no excess skin and there is only fat tissue then the only method to be used is liposuction. The fat tissue will be melted through half cm incisions around the breast and the fat tissue is removed without any scar left.

• If the breast tissue is not soft then liposuction application will not be enough. In addition to liposuction, one incision will be added to the dark zone around the nipple in order to eliminate scars.

• In case the person has excessive skin, both gynecomasty and sagging skin tissue will be treated thanks to the incisions carried out under the nipple. The disadvantage of this application is the scars. Although the scars will not be fully eliminated at the end of a year, they will be barely visible.

It is possible to be discharged from the hospital after a day with the approval of the doctor in these operations that are carried out under general anesthesia. The patient can return to his or her daily life after few days. The patient can exercise or workout at the end of few weeks. In order to prevent liquid accumulation under the skin, you need to use specially designed gynecomasty corset for a month. This corset which is easy to use and do not prevent your daily tasks create a slight pressure on the chest area. It does not reveal itself under the clothes since it is a thin and comfortable corset.




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