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Forehead and Brow Lifts

Forehead and brow lift is the operation carried out in order to eliminate the horizontal long lines in the forehead and short vertical lines between two eyebrows that occur due to external factors and aging and reshape and eliminate the deformed sagging eyebrows. Lines which occur around the eyes and named as goosefoot can be eliminated with this operation.

Will There Any Scars After Forehead Lift Surgery?
There are some methods to hide the scar in case you will have it after the forehead lift surgery. The scars are hidden to 5 – 6 cm inside of the hairline, i.e., scalp or it can be hidden between the hair in endoscopic forehead lifting and any visual problem is prevented. This may vary from person to person. This means that the expert will determine the technique after the examination by taking into account the physical characteristics of the patient.

Who Can Prefer Brow Lift Surgery?
The ratios of your eyes and nose are very important for the look on your face. The eyebrows affect the facial expressions. Low eyebrows due to physiological reasons or aging can provide a sad, tired, unhappy and energyless expression to a person. Especially having the tips of the eyebrows extend downward from the sides will lead a sad and anxious expression. Straight or curved eyebrows may vary depending on the sex (men have straight and bowless eyebrows, women have more curved eyebrows) and brow lifting surgery will be carried out according to this, i.e., lifting the eyebrows to their places. The adjusted eyebrows affect patient’s facial expression positively and provide a more dynamic look.

How Long Does the Surgery Take?
Forehead lift surgery takes about 2 – 3 hours. Patient undergoing this surgery under general anesthesia is discharged from the hospital after one day. He or she can take bath after the second day.




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