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Facial and Neck Lift

Deformations due to hereditary or environmental factors in the body can be treated with fat tissues. Leg aesthetics, facial rejuvenation, breast enlargement and butt lifting are among the goals of fat injection.
The fat tissue to be applied in the operation is taken from the body of the patient with liposuction. This fat will be subjected to various applications with stem cells to enrich them. The stem cells will speed up the recovery process and provides extra vitality to the skin.

This method which can be easily applied to the facial area will not leave any scar when it is used for skin rejuvenation. It will eliminate the wrinkles, makes the cheekbones more visible, and make the lips more visible and fuller.
This method which is preferred in breast enlargement is a good alternative for those who do not want to use silicone prosthesis.

Thanks to the fat injection in leg aesthetic, leg slimness, knock knees, and genetic problems can be corrected.
Fat injection which is also used in butt lifting is applied by taking fat from the belly and abdominal area then injecting them into butt area.

A little bit more fat is injected into the area in fat injection application. Because some of these fats will melt in time and there may be a need for the second operation. Local or general anesthesia can be applied according to the area where the operation will be applied. You can have this operation together with other operations that you need in the other parts of your body for positive and more effective results. The patient can return to her daily life in 10 days.




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