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Brow Transplantation

As brow loss can be due to brow dye, intense makeup, brow contour and other external factors, it may be because of intense stress.

Brow transplantation operation is carried out by collecting the hair follicles on the nap and transferring them to the brow area. In general, brow transplantation is the same procedure with hair transplantation. However, a special attention should be paid for the hair follicles to be used in brow transplantation. Brow transplantation which is carried out with local anesthesia lasts about 2 hours and 40 to 400 hair follicles will be planted.

The direction of the planted brows should be planted in line with the brow characteristics of the person. Because while the direction of the brows is upright in areas that are close to the nose, they have a long and horizontal angle towards the edges.

Since brow structure can affect the facial expression of a person, the structure, shape, and direction of the brows should be set very carefully. Otherwise, your brow will look far less than natural.

After the Brow Transplantation

The patient will not feel any burning, itching or discomfort after the brow transplantation. It may take 6-7 months for brows to look natural, tidy and be adapted to the hair follicles.

There may be size differences where some of the brows will grow during this period until hair follicles adapt. In order to eliminate this messy look, the brow can be corrected by cutting them once in 15-20 days.




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