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Breast Reduction

Breast is one of the most important organs for women and it plays a major role in increasing or decreasing the confidence of women. Reasons such as changes in years, giving a birt, breastfeeding, weight changes are the factors that affect the breast sagging. Apart from these, genetics, hormonal conditions can also affect the development of breasts in the body.

What Are the Complaints of Women With Large Breasts?

Sagging can occur in women with large breasts due to the gravity. Since they weigh, it leads to load in the back and neck area. Curves may occur at your back in time which can be considered as the hump.

The marks left by bras due to the weight of the breasts may lead to permanent marks on the shoulder. More importantly, hygiene is a challenge for those who have large breasts. Especially problems such as rash, fungal infections, and dermatitis which are more common in summer seasons can be experienced more in women with large breasts when compared to women with small breasts. Apart from the physical effects, not being able to wear the desired clothes may have an adverse psychological effect on the women.

Who Is Suitable for Breast Reduction Operation
Every woman who is older than 18 years old and does not have any obstacle for anesthesia is suitable for this operation.

Will There Be Any Sense Loss After the Operation?

In recent years, thanks to the advanced techniques, the sensation at the tip of the nipple can be protected. Although the loss of sense can be experienced after the severe operations, this case is a temporary and you should not worry about the permanent loss.

Is Breastfeeding Possible After the Operation? Will the Shape of the Breasts Deteriorate?

It is not advised to get pregnant for two years after the operation. Because the recovery period will be still ongoing in the patient. When pregnancy occurs then the weight gain will be under control and in case cracks will be prevented with special creams then no deterioration will take place. Although there is not an explanation about the breastfeeding, it is a fact that breastfeeding will be interrupted due to the reduction of the size.

Can Breast Reduction Operation Trigger the Breast Cancer?

It does not trigger the breast cancer. On the contrary, since breast size is reduced by removing tissue, the risk for breast cancer will be lower. You should continue to your routine check-ups such as mammography, breast USG, breast scan even if you have the operation.

How Is the Procedure Before and After the Operation?

Like in all other operations, your doctor will ask you to stop using painkillers, blood thinners and herbal teas at least one week before the operation and you need to avoid alcohol and smoking.
At the end of the measurements made before the operation, the patient will be informed about how much of her expectations can be met. The operation which is carried under general anesthesia takes about 2,5 and 3 hours.




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