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Breast Enlargement

Breasts are an important organ for women figure still and throughout the history. Women with small breasts usually are not satisfied with this situation and they feel better by using supporting or spongy bras.

Breast enlargement procedure with silicone prostheses is a convenient, permanent and safe method which has been applied in all around the world for many years. Women who have breast enlargement operation feel more confident, social and happy in their daily lives.

The breast tissue will be examined in detail by the doctor before the operation. Then the doctor will share the suitable methods with you and a mutual decision will be taken. Prostheses are placed under the breast tissue according to the breast structure and the size of the breast.

The incision to place the prostheses are located under the breast, around the nipple and armpit. The incision scars became less visible over time and do not cause any problem. There are two different breast silicone.

One of these has the shape of a drop. The other one is round prosthesis. The prosthesis in the form of a drop is used when there is a need to enlarge the bottom of the breast. The round silicones are used when there is a need to enlarge the top part of the breast.

Your doctor will determine the best silicone for you according to your anatomical characteristics. Your doctor will share this with you and you take a mutual decision with him.

Unlike to common belief, having a breast enlargement operation do not prevent pregnancy or breastfeeding. It does not prevent you from your annual breast scans. It is claimed that it increases the risk of breast cancer.

The breast enlargement operation that is carried out under general anesthesia can take one to one and a half hour. In case there will be no problem, the patient will be discharged from the hospital after a day. The patient can return to her daily and social life after few days from the breast enlargement operation.




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